UB Law – Undergraduate Courses – Spring Semester 2019

Why study Law Minor at UB?

The Law minor has two basic aims: (1) to introduce students to legal skills and concepts; and (2) to provide a basic understanding of legal institutions and history. Students pursuing the Law minor will learn fundamental concepts in law, including the structure and operation of the United States legal system and its relationship to social and economic institutions. They will also learn to read, understand, and interpret legal texts such as cases, statutes, regulations, and the U.S. Constitution, and will become familiar with the use of legal reasoning and rhetoric, including arguments that draw upon legal authority, doctrine, and evidence.

The law minor complements many undergraduate majors. For some students, the law minor provides a deeper understanding of the role that law, legal theory, and legal institutions play in their major field of study. Students might also use the law minor to acquire knowledge in a specific area of law relevant to their career trajectory. For example, a student majoring in Computer Science or Engineering may pursue a law minor with a focus on patent law.

LAW 301           Legal Reasoning

LAW 306           Family Law

LAW 314            Federal Income Tax Law And Policy