Sociology Courses (Fall 2017) that may be of interest to Pre-Law Students

Fall 2017 Sociology courses that might be of interest to Pre-law StudentsHere are several Sociology Courses for Fall 2017 offerings that may be of interest to pre-law students. The courses are listed below, along with their meeting times.

Class Name Class Number Meeting Times
Criminology (SOC 307) 18013 TTR 11AM-12:20PM
Drugs & Society (SOC 311) 19967 MWF 1-1:50PM
Criminal Justice Systems (SOC 317) 23417 MWF 10-10:50AM
Sociology of Punishment (SOC 337) 23414 MWF 3-3:50PM
Sociology of Deviance (SOC 345) 21897 MW 5-6:20PM