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Engineering Intellectual Property Law Class


EAS 459 – Intellectual Property Laws.

From the School of Engineering:

We have a new course that we are offering through Engineering this Fall! Although the focus toward the end may be biotechnology related inventions, this course could be of interest especially to students in the sciences, and others who may simply be interested in Intellectual Property Law, which encompasses thinks like copyright, trademarks, patents, etc. We are keeping a few seats open for non-engineering students.

EAS 459 – Intellectual Property Laws: An Introduction for Scientists and Engineers

Tuesday/Thursday, 5:00-6:20 PM  248 Cooke Hall

The goal of this course is to introduce engineering students to the basics of intellectual property law, practice, and policy.  The course will provide an overview of the different types of intellectual property, and the relevant legal frameworks, both in the U.S. and internationally.  The emphasis throughout the course will be on intellectual property-related considerations that arise for organizations (large and small businesses, as well as universities) and their employees.  Because computers and internet-based technologies constitute such important sites for intellectual property protection and contestation in today’s business world, we will focus on these technologies in class discussions and assignments.  We will also focus on special considerations arising with biotechnology-related inventions.


Lots of MFC Pre-Law classes offered this Spring semester

For those looking to add a relevant Prelaw or legal interest type of class, MFC has a lot to offer. Below are the ones offered this Spring:
You can find the whole list and registration numbers here
MFC 205 – Law School Prep 4 Success
MFC 332 – Paralegal Principles & Procedures
MFC 334 – Legal Research & Writing
MFC 336 – Bankruptcy Law
MFC 365 – Basic Real Estate Law
MFC 481 – Intro to Environmental Law
MFC 482 – Intro to Contract & Tort Law
MFC 483 – Intro to Criminal Law
MFC 484 – Liability Issues in Public Education